Bit Maestro is a powerful Audio Unit V3 (AUv3) that offers unprecedented bit crushing control and sound on iOS.

Taking inspiration from the legendary hardware bit crusher, the Otto Biscuit, Bit Maestro allows you to selectively manipulate individual bits in an audio signal to tailor and create sounds otherwise impossible on other bit crushing effects.

What is Bit Crushing?

Bit crushing is a digital distortion that takes your sound and bluntly and aggressively crushes it down into an 8 bit audio signal. As this process occurs many layers of harmonics are added to the sound, imbuing it with that unmistakable retro 8-bit quality that you hear in early retro consoles or modern chiptunes.

Hear it in action! 👾 [30 secs]

Individual Bit Manipulation

The real power of Bit Maestro however comes from its ability to manipulate the audio at the individual bit level.

Using the bit board, you can selectively ignore or invert bits in your audio signal. The effect of this can be subtle or dramatic depending on which bits you manipulate, with the larger bits at the right end having the biggest impact.

Where ordinary bit crushers only allow you to broadly affect the sound on 2 dimensions with bit rate (vertically) and sample rate (horizontally), Bit Maestro allows you to carve out your sound on an individual bit level, sculpting it with precision to craft a truly unique distortion.

Bit reassignment

If you really want to push your sound to its limits, bit reassignment can take you there. Rearrange the bits on the bit board to reassign the values they represent. This can have huge effects, sometimes undesirable, but sometimes you’ll stumble onto something really special.

This ability is unique to Bit Maestro.


Modulation controls are tightly embedded into the UI of Bit Maestro, allowing you to see the range of the modulation effect directly on the component that it controls.

Use a single LFO to modulate the drive, sample rate and filter frequency and really bring your distortion to life.



Audio Unit V3 Effect. Load multiple instances within a compatible AUv3 Host app - apply separate instances to each of your audio tracks.

Inter-App Audio

Inter-app Audio effect unit support. Load as an effect into Inter-app Audio host apps.

MIDI Control

Full midi control. Each knob can be controlled or automated by external software or hardware


Audiobus effect unit support



3x Filter types: High pass, Low pass, Band pass. Frequency modulation.


Feed delay lines back in with a 10ms to 5 second range. Optionally sync delay lines to tempo.



Bit Maestro is the most agressive and versatile bit destruction plugin I know. It’s my « Go To » digital destruction plugin!

Montreal, Canada

Sonically and aesthetically superb. Well executed, easy and fun to use, and it genuinely satisfies my biscuit desires and then some.

Hello, my dream...

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This goes beyond bit-crushing. Truly great if you want non-traditional distortion.

Glitch and distortion fun-fest

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Demo Videos

Ready to watch some videos? Don't just imagine - hear how it sounds now!

Presets preview [0:30]

Korg Gadget Jam [1:47]

Longer presets preview [3:28]

Nu-Trix review [15:29]

The Sound Test Room demo [13:02]


Bit Maestro is the most innovative iOS bit crusher available, and amazing valuable compared to its closest competitors.

Available for both iPhone and iPad.

Your iOS musical toolbox is not complete without it.

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